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Chun Ki Engineering Limited was established in 2019 by Director Mr. Wong Siu Ki,
Bruce. The company is Registered Subcontractors Trade Specialty in Earthwork,
Road Drainage and Sewer under General Civil Works trade of CIC’s Registered
Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme (RSTCS) (Reg. No.: R012823). The team of
Chun Ki has experience in Civil Works include: Site Formation, Excavation and
Lateral Support (ELS), Earthwork, Road Drainage and Sewer; Structural Works
include: Formwork Erection, Rebar Fixing, Concrete Pouring and Structural Steel
Works. We also provide one-stop demolition and construction waste disposal service
together with Crab Trucks, Dump Trucks and Crane Lorry renting service.
Our aims and objectives are to provide “High Quality, Safety and Efficiency” service
to the Client. Our professional team comprise of energetic and well-experienced
managing and technical staff who lay a solid foundation for competitiveness to stay
in the market and development for rapid growth in future. During expansion of
business, we focused on management must keep abreast of times, through the
provision of High Quality, High Standard and High Efficiency services to contribute
the community as our long-term goal and strategy.
轄下工程分類:“土方工程” 及 ”道路排水渠及污水渠” 的註冊分包商(註冊編號
R012823) ◦ 駿祺團隊對於土木工程類別的地盤平整、泥坑裝頂及挖掘工程、土方工
程、道路排水渠及污水渠; 及至結構工程類別的釘板、扎鐵、澆灌混凝土及鋼結構工程
都有相當豐富經驗 ◦ 我們亦提供一站式清拆及建築廢料處理以及夾車、泥車及吊雞車
運輸租賃服務 ◦
公司宗旨是秉承提供”高質量、重安全、具效率”的經營理念 ◦ 公司有著一批年富力強、
應有的一席,也為推動公司今後的快速發展,奠定了堅實的基礎 ◦ 在公司規模擴張的
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